For Youth. By Youth.

For Youth. By Youth. Vision for Youth (V4Y) is a committed youth-led organization based in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. We are dedicated to empowering young people aged 15-35 to change their lives for a brighter future. We believe in working together to expand our impact. Our projects focus on health promotion, economic empowerment, and civic engagement to achieve our vision of a responsible and independent society.


A responsible and independent society.


Provide experiences and promote methods for youth that ensure a sustainable livelihood, equitable access to opportunity, and the resources to build a brighter future.


  • Collaboration (Volunteerism, Partnership)
  • Respect (Human rights, Gender equity)
  • Accountability (Transparency, Integrity)


From 2008 to 2011, our founder, Violet Ayoub fostered the development of Vision for Youth with passion and persistence. After more than 1000 days and nights of hard work and commitment, we had Vision for Youth registered on September 21, 2011 as a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and
non-religious organization (Reg. No 00NGO/00004989).

Since then, with assistance from 27 partners from 11 countries and volunteers from Tanzania and all over the world, our programs have impacted over 40,000 youth.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to the development of a new generation of Tanzanians. Together with local as well as international volunteers and partners we make every decision with the success of youth as the first priority.

Meet the Team

Our Partners

V4Y believes in strong partnerships. We work closely with organizations in the public, private and non-profit sector, as well as with the government and other training providers.