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Vision for Youth are dependent of our members, with their support and engagement we can keep working to make the future brighter. Our members play an important part in the development, structure and decision making of the organization and we are forever thankful for them.

As a member of Vision for Youth you get the opportunity to join all of the organization’s activities when you so wish. Members also retain the right to be heard and have the right to receive and have access to all information of implementation progress, income and expenditures of the organization. Active members are entitled to vote and contest to be elected to positions in the organization and also have the right to warn and challenge leaders when they appear to have broken regulations and when they fail to fulfill the responsibilities of the organization.

Anyone above 18 years can apply to be a member as longer as you understand the youths and you are inspired by our vision, mission and goals. The application will be reviewed at the end of year during Annual general meeting and feedback will be provided soon after the meeting.

Applicant will be required to pay 100,000 Tsh as application fee and 50,000 Tsh as annual fee after membership approval.

Interested in becoming a member of the Vision for Youth family?

Fill out the application form and reach out to us at and we will tell you more!


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