Project Description


Vision for Youth ambassadors are youth well involved in our community and events. They branch out at schools, clubs, churches/mosques, but also on the street. Their large range of involvement within the young community makes them into powerful members of the V4Y community.

As a ambassador, we expect you to join V4Y programs, events and campaigns, disseminate the word and connect Vision for Youth with different kinds of potential partners. Our ambassadors get support and access to V4Y staff expertise and first access to V4Y opportunities. You will get access to additional volunteer opportunities with V4Y or other organizations and the opportunity to practice your leadership skills while growing your personal network and V4Y ecosystem.

Anyone can be an ambassador as longer as you understand the youths and you are inspired by our vision, mission and goals, and the most crucial is that you are touched by the challenges that the youths in Tanzania are swimming-in and therefore you can join our worldwide network for the same cause.

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